Windows are a very important structural part of every building. For a long time window frames were made of wood. Today available options vary widely. You can choose from wooden, plastic, and aluminium window frames. Pietų Megrame, JSC offers you a choice of quality plastic windows that meet every heat and noise insulation requirement, however demanding. Modern plastic windows are durable. They require no painting and are easy to maintain. They are strong as well as beautiful. You can choose different window geometries, opening mechanisms, and builds to make your windows stand out. GEALAN PVC profile systems make it possible to produce any type of plastic windows, however unusual their shape.

We offer not only white but also coloured plastic windows. They can be coated with different colour films imitating wood patterns and textures. We also offer unique coloured windows made with GEALAN ACRYLCOLOR profiles. We produce plastic windows with 3, 5, and 6-chamber GEALAN PVC profiles. Plastic windows made by Pietų Megrame, JSC using multi-chamber GEALAN profiles help keep the warmth in and noise out. Our windows ensure safety and comfort and produce a distinct feel of home. The depth of installation, additional partitions inside profiles, exceptional strength of materials, reliable bolting of jamb and casement hardware make Pietų Megrame windows particularly safe. By choosing plastic windows you will also contribute to environmental safety. The material used to produce window framess and casements - polyvinyl chloride or PVC for short - makes plastic windows particularly eco-friendly. As of 2000 Pietų Megrame, JSC uses lead-free PVC profiles to produce its windows. PVC is suitable for recycling and can be repeatedly used in production of different goods. Old plastic windows can also be recycled into materials that could be used for production of new windows. Thus production of goods using PVC reduces consumption of natural materials and energy and helps with saving of the limited resources of our planet.

Our specialists will always help you to choose the best windows to meet your needs.


S 3000

The universal rebate-seal S 3000 system with a construction width of 62 mm was developed for usage in all types of window constructions. Its main characteristic is its efficient construction possibilities. This means identical steel reinforcements for both frames and casings, the same drill axis for stiles and casement frame fittings as well as for mounting screws, identical eurogrooves, and the same flange for all frames and sashes.

Various profiles are available in recessed, semi-recessed and flush designs, as well as a five-chamber variant and a recycling core model with matching accessories. A special variant of the System S 3000 is the designer profile series with its accent on design possibilities for private homes. Special sash forms, with narrow heights and harmonic curves make the assembly of elegant windows possible – especially divided windows.

    The advantages of the S 3000 system:
  • glazing beads with integral gaskets for easy replacement
  • usable with thick panes, optimum for soundproofing: glass strengths up to 33 mm in stepped design frames, up to 49 mm in flush design frames
  • highly developed semi-sloped rebate with large water collection chamber: optimum water runoff through sloped rebate, level surface for flush installation screws, easy to clean
  • secure metal fitting attachment through multiple interior PVC walls and braces
  • several accessory profiles, optimum possibilities for connections, couplings, trims, static profiles and expansions
  • transom bars with special connectors make secure and durable transom connections possible
  • optimal ventilation available with the optional GECCO ventilation system
  • available in a wide selection of acrylcolor tones and wood decors (others available on request)