Modern technologies provide very good heat insulation and noise cancelling characteristics for windows. The heat inside you house does not dissipate through airtight windows, they protect you against the outside noise but at the same time they prevent optimal circulation of air between inside and outdoors.

Normally, one person requires no less than 14.4 m3/h of fresh air in their home. Thus the air inside a room where people are will need to be more or less completely replaced within 1-1.4 hours. This depends on the number of people as well as heat and humidity. Otherwise the oxygen we breathe turns to carbon dioxide. If the room is not ventilated, the excess of carbon dioxide starts to cause headaches and reduces our work efficiency. Breathing also produces water vapours. While at home, for example using the bathroom, working in the kitchen, or exercising, one person produces 4 l of water per day. House plants, aquariums, pets, and drying laundry are also a source of humidity. Excessive humidity make for a fertile medium encouraging fungal growth. Humidity also affects building structures.

This is why it is necessary not only to properly heat your home but also to ventilate it well if you want to live a healthy and comfortable life. Ventilation will help prevent formation of dew on windows, protect walls against moulding and make the air in your home healthy and pleasant to breathe.

Different air vents can be installed into windows for ventilation of your premises. Our specialists will advise you on the best ventilation solutions for you.



Automatic ventilation system GECCO (GEalan Clima COntrol) ensures optimal air circulation in the house and prevents the mould fungus in the windows. Under normal weather conditions the open valve does not prevent the air from passing through inside but as soon as stronger wind starts to blow, the valve closes preventing draft. GECCO is fully automatic. A light metal flap rotates freely around its axis inside the device. The air passes inside through small dedicated openings cut in the window frame and casement spacer. The position of the valve depends on how strong the wind blows. A stronger flow of air closes the valve and the air doesn't pass inside. Once the wind grows weaker the valve opens up and the room is once again ventilated.

GECCO 4 is the newest GEALAN ventilation system option. It is suitable for all GEALAN window systems. GECCO 4 has built in pollen and dust filters and a protective mesh against insects as well as profiles protecting against noise and rain.

Advantages of GECCO:

  • optimal air circulation;
  • low heat dissipation values;
  • stable main ventilation;
  • automatic regulation of the ventilation process;
  • no draft even with the sharpest gusts of wind;
  • complete automation helps avoid inappropriate use;
  • reliable noise and heat insulation;
  • economy;
  • protection against fungal growth;
  • continuous air debit;
  • GECCO 4 has built in pollen and dust filters;
  • GECCO 4 has noise insulation and rain protection profiles.